Questions & Answer with Tim Rounds - District 24 Representative

What do you foresee as repetitive from last year's session? “We will be discussing hemp for the fourth time. The Governor is willing to work with the Legislature in creating language that will be acceptable. We should be able to pass something this year that will allow for hemp to be an agricultural product in South Dakota,” said Rounds.

What do you foresee as new major issues for this session? “The Legislature will need to pass some changes in last year’s legislation that protects our law enforcement and property from rioters while still allowing freedom of speech.

What do you think might be the most controversial issues? “I do anticipate some meaningful legislation from the municipal and REA summer study. Major issues will mostly relate to the budget. We need to find dollars for education, state employees and community support providers.”

How do you think last year's terrible weather and agriculture will affect this legislative session and finances? “The state, counties and townships had extreme damage to roads and bridges. We have farmers who couldn’t get crops in the field, and many of those who did have not been able to get them out yet. We will need to find dollars to repair the damaged infrastructure, but will have to be prepared for less revenue as a result of some farmers not having crops this year.”

What are some items you are looking forward to, or potential bills you will be drafting? “Some legislation I am looking at includes providing some safety for tow operators who are working in dangerous conditions on our public roads. I am presently looking at other possible legislation, but am hopeful that the issues can be solved without bringing a bill.”

Anything else you would like to add? “This will be my last session in the legislature. I would like to thank the people of District 24 for allowing me the honor of serving them in the SD Legislature,” said Tim Rounds.

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