Right Turn staff and volunteers have been selling raffle tickets at almost every Trappers home game this summer. They are raising money to support education programs at The Right Turn in Pierre.

At each game, a ticket is drawn from among those sold that day. The winning ticket-holder at each game draws one card from a deck. If they draw the Ace of Hearts, they win half of the total proceeds throughout the raffle. If they draw any other card, they win $50. The raffle continues until the Ace of Hearts is drawn.

Winners so far include Andy Bruce, Abbey Campea, Kelly Coolidge, Maggie Dell, Bill Englehart, Susan Gullickson, Joni Hansen, James Leslie, Rebecca Long, Kelcy Nash, Airryn Olson, John Palmer, Aubrey Stewart, and three anonymous individuals. Tammy Neale drew the Ace of Hearts on July 4 and won $530.

The raffle started over after Neale drew the winning card, and the prize pot has steadily grown. The pot started Monday night at $1,730. The winning pot will increase as more tickets are sold. There are 40 cards left in the deck.

“Ticket sales really started taking off once the prize pot got close to $1,000,” said Right Turn Director Mary Gates. “The Trappers and baseball fans have been terrific. We are so grateful for their support to our education programs and for their enthusiasm for the raffle.” Many of the raffle winners donated their prize money back to the organization.

Baseball fans have started asking Right Turn staff what will happen if no one draws the Ace of Hearts on Monday. “We are going to continue with the raffle, in partnership with several local businesses,” said Mary Gates, director of The Right Turn. Tickets will be available at Don’s Sinclair, Dakotamart, the Fieldhouse and possibly other businesses. Each week, the tickets will be collected and Right Turn staff will draw a winning ticket on Facebook Live. The winner will have a few days to come into Right Turn to draw a card from the shrinking deck. As cards are drawn, they are set aside so the chance of winning a large amount increases. The weekly drawings will continue until the Ace of Hearts is drawn. Tickets are $5 each or 5 tickets for $20.

The Right Turn, Inc., is a United Way Participating Agency. Their purpose is to support education across the lifespan. They provide GED classes, computer skills training, English language instruction and citizenship classes along with training and technical assistance to child-care providers in rural counties.

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