Shown is the Pierre School District logo. Monday, district officials confirmed 14 active COVID-19 infections among the five school buildings. 

Active COVID-19 infections by building for Pierre School District, as of Monday:

T.F. Riggs High School — 6 (3 students and 3 staff members)

Georgia Morse Middle School — 5 (3 students and 2 staff members)

Kennedy Elementary School — 2 (0 students and 2 staff members)

Jefferson Elementary School — 1 (0 students and 1 staff member)

Buchanan Elementary School — 0

Statewide Perspective There are now 3,558 total cases among South Dakota’s K-12 schools, 761 of which are active infections, according to data updated Monday by the state Department of Health. The active case count has increased by 135 since last week’s update.

The Pierre School District has 14 active cases among six students and eight staff members. The district’s community spread level is still at “substantial.” The district updates its COVID-19 data every Monday morning at https://pierre.k12.sd.us/.

The biggest increases statewide in comparison to last week were among student cases. This week, 2,502 students have active infections, compared with 2,044 cases last week. Staff members saw 1,050 active infections, compared to 852 last week. There was a slight decrease in new cases being reported, from 591 reported from Oct. 11-17 to 581 reported Oct. 18-24.

More schools are seeing an increase in case counts, with 213 K-12 schools reporting one-two active infections and 82 schools reporting three or more. Five hundred ninety-two schools have zero active cases.

After a spike last week, new cases are decreasing slightly among South Dakota’s colleges, universities and technical schools, with 126 new infections reported last week. There are 1,895 total cases in higher education, 192 of which are active. There has been a slight increase in active cases, up from 183 last week. No higher education institutions currently have less than three active cases.

The department of health updates case data for South Dakota schools each Monday at https://doh.sd.gov/news/coronavirus.aspx.

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