Mike Rounds

U.S. Sen. Mike Rounds, R-S.D., spoke with South Dakota news reporters Thursday afternoon, Nov. 14, in an over-the-phone briefing.

Rounds said his wife Jean is making progress in her fight against cancer. Jean’s surgery at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., went well, after a successful chemo-therapy session. The sarcoma tumor was removed and they came home to Fort Pierre, he said.

“The chemo worked well,” Rounds said. “I took her out to lunch at noon today. She was able to walk without her walker. Walked into the restaurant and went back out. Things are moving in the right direction.”

Rounds expressed his thanks for all the well-wishes, prayers and good thoughts he and Jean have received.

The doctors, after successfully removing the tumor, noted 98 percent of the tumor was dead, said Rounds. The chemo did its job and now they look forward to what the next steps will be, said Rounds.

On the seven-hour road trip back from Rochester, Mike talked Jean into letting him listen to some of the impeachment proceedings and other live local radio concerning the issue.

“Our Democrat colleagues have been intent on taking down this president since day one,” Rounds said. “That has not changed. Clearly, their movement here to try to impeach the president, I really think they are reaching for straws at this point.”

He said after listening to the proceedings on Wednesday and reading the transcript, he feels it is really not an impeachable offense.

Rounds also talked about the North American trade agreement. “To be able to get a good trade deal put together with Canada and with Mexico would really help the markets in my opinion,” said Rounds.

On the subject of Congress needing to come up with a fiscal plan going forward, Sen. Rounds said he will not vote to continue the government’s attempt for a temporary resolution for the upcoming year.

He said a permanent solution is needed for government funding.

“As usual, Congress just kicked the can down the road,” Mike said. “I am not going to vote for a continuing resolution unless we are making progress some place.”

The next vote coming up is Nov. 21, and while Rounds will be back in Washington, he feels they have to move forward and get a deal done, he said.

“There are too many important issues in this year’s appropriation,” Rounds said. “It simply can’t wait. There is a pay raise for our members of the Armed Forces. We’ve also got some significant cyber-security activity that we are trying to get in and get going.”

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