The City of Pierre held its weekly commissioner meeting in City Hall at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday October 8. They were joined briefly by some of the Hughes County Commissioners to open the proceedings.

The agenda for the week began with an issue regarding easement between John and Mary Baldridge’s property and an adjacent property owned by Mervin and Gail Ferris, according to court documents.

First, the Ferris’ spoke through their son Guy, with his mother Gail present, and then Baldridges spoke through John with his wife Mary standing by his side. After both the Ferris’ and Baldridges spoke, the Commission ruled in favor of the Baldridge’s claim. The Baldridges will be able to use the gravel road as an easement.

Following the Ferris’, Baldridges and Hughes County Commissioners departure, the City moved onto the upcoming snow storm.

It is coming, according to the weather reports, and a little early, and potentially heavy over the next couple days.

Snow is nothing new here in South Dakota, and the City basically began the process of proposing, not what could happen, more of a when it does happen regarding the citizens of Pierre to be cognizant of inches, clearing and parking.

When there is more than two inches of snowfall, street signs remind folks to not park on streets dedicated to “through snow traffic.” The city commissioners, with Pierre Police Department’s Captain Brian Walz present, agreed officers would remind people about moving their vehicles and parked trailers off roads with winter and snow around the corner.

They both agreed, people would be spoken too, first. After given a “a week or so” to comply, notices would be placed. Following the notices, people who haven’t complied should expect another round of conversations with an officer to remind them to comply. Neither the City nor Walz discussed what happens next beyond three reminders.

The agenda moved on, with commissioners approving an application for a temporary liquor license, designated for the sale of wine only. The Temporary Wine License is “to operate in the municipality for the period of October 19, 2019,” according to papers filed with the Commission. The event is the Historic Downtown Pierre Autumn Wine Walk on S. Pierre Street.

As well on the agenda were addendums to current construction for the storm shelter at Griffin Park. Not included in the $21,313.50 increase to the budget, an update included information about windows delivered damaged, that will be replaced under warranty.

The commissioners seemed pleased at the progress of the shelter, which could also be “used for family gatherings.”

“It didn’t take a toll on city dollars,” Commissioner Jamie Huizenga said. “But it’s a city asset.

The Boy’s and Girls Club was approved for an increase to its budget for improvements in the amount of $107,790 for a new total of $4.141 million. The construction is slotted to be finished the end of July 2020.

Progress and an update on the community orchard, set for an open house next week October 15 beginning at 5:30 p.m. where guests can learn about the various fruit trees planted with the help of the local Girl Scout Troop.

The last thing on the agenda was an announcement of City of Pierre surplus items designated for Purple Wave auction. From loaders, loader tires, a 500 gallon propane tank and a few vehicles, to a snow blower are set to be sold.

City of Pierre Commission meetings are scheduled for every Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. in City Hall and are open to the public. They are also recorded with video and audio for review and can be found on the City’s website.

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