Stanley County School Board readying for school year

Daniel Hoey, Stanley County superintendent, and Sarah Carter, school board president, lead the rest of the board in last official preparations for the 2019-2020 school year.

During its Aug. 12 meeting, the Stanley County School District board discussed the opening of school.

The 2019-2020 school year classes for the Stanley County School District start Monday, August 19. An open house is set for Thursday, August 15, from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Classes start August 21.

Booster Club President Tina Titze, representing the entire organization and its many volunteers, discussed the club’s updated promotional brochure that “will go out with every child to the parents.” “The Boosters, for this year’s activities, are gearing up for doing fun events that really hype school pride,” said Titze. “And, before you know it, the Homecoming activities will be here.”

Titze described 10 years of information on what the Booster Club gives back: a total of $115,000, mostly through wish-list equipment items for teachers, classes and school organizations. A lot of that funding comes from concessions, football yard-line sales and other fundraisers. This year, the football yard-line sales will give away $300 — as opposed to last year’s $200 per home game prize — making a total season’s give-away of $900.

The Booster’s watermelon feed is Aug. 27. Other activities include the Homecoming Whopper feed (Sept. 27), chili feed, coronation, athletic banquet and the concessions.

“We are excited for the new year,” said Titze.

In other business, Superintendent Daniel Hoey reported that through ongoing training and the furthering staff education, Stanley County School District retains its full accreditation and certification.

Recently passed state legislation calls for ‘In God We Trust’ to be posted in a prominent place in every school. This will start the year out as a simple sign, but Hoey said, “We have local artists in our classrooms, why would we not take advantage of that?”

When new ChromeBooks arrive at the end of August, student in grades six through 12 will receive one. Students in grades nine through 12 will have the option of taking the computers home after school each day. Insurance on each tablet was discussed. Hoey commented on technology which seems so good but leads to new aspects of out-of-school considerations, such as some families not having WiFi to go along with the tablets.

The 2019-2020 student handbook, staff addendum and board policy handbook were accepted “as updated.”

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