PIERRE – Nine cities and organizations received funding for water system improvements Thursday from the state Board of Water and Natural Resources.

They are Rapid City, James River Water Development District, Presho, Cavour, Leola, Butte Meade Sanitary Water District, Grenville, Sheridan Lake Highlands Homeowners Association and Marion.

Rapid City received a $500,000 loan, with up to $375,000 of principal forgiven, to finish expanding its system to get drinking water to about 200 users east of the city boundary.

“It’s an important project, a lot of customers,” Morgan Falcone told the board. She is the project engineer for the city.

Water comes from a pipe already supplying the Rapid City airport. “Thankfully, there was enough for serving these customers,” Falcone said.

Rapid City also received a $1 million grant for building cell number 18 at the regional landfill. The project is expected to cost more than $4.5 million.

Landfill Manager Karl Merbach said the new cell is for the current customers. He said it could have been built with available cash but the decision was made to keep money back to maintain other programs and equipment.

The James River Water Development District gets a $500,000 grant to help pay for animal waste-management systems in the south-central region.

“We have a high demand in the future,” Project Coordinator Rocky Knippling told the board.

Knippling reported there were 71 applications for assistance so far for the 2019-2020 funding cycle.

Board member Paul Gnirk of Plainview asked whether Nebraska groups helped financially. “I don’t think the project ends at the state line in the Missouri River,” Gnirk said.

Knippling said there hasn’t been coordination with Nebraska “the last few years.”

Presho plans to replace its sewer system. The state’s previous loan was replaced by a larger new loan of $4,048,000, with up to $1.4 million of principal forgiven. Mayor Mike Sprenger said work would start next spring.

Cavour plans to replace more of its wastewater collection system. The board approved a $192,000 loan and a $746,000 grant.

Leola plans replacement of parts of its water system including converting to new water meters. The board approved a $1,891,000 loan, with up to $1,615,000 principal forgiven.

Sheridan Lake Highlands Homeowners Association, located near Rapid City, needs to pay back a private loan used to buy the drinking-water system from the developer. Residents also plan to build a second well and improve the well house. The board approved a $211,700 loan and a $90,000 grant.

Grenville plans to replace its water meters with a radio-read system and replace valves in the drinking-water distribution system. The board approved a $352,000 loan, with up to $282,000 of principal forgiven.

Marion also wants to change its nearly 400 water meters to a drive-by reading system. The board approved a $522,000 loan, with up to $99,000 of principal forgiven.

Butte Meade Sanitary Water District plans to replace 2.7 miles of asbestos cement pipe that would be affected by roadwork on US 212 next year. The board gave the $413,000 loan requested. “I think that’s a very fair price,” Gnirk said.

The board also added five projects to the state water plan. They are:

Mitchell intends to seek loans for replacing pipes in the Sanborn Boulevard and the east-central drainage system areas;

Bryant wants funding for replacing parts of the sanitary-sewer and drinking-water systems; and

Salem wants funding for improving its water-treatment system.



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