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Swisher's Dance Club Secretary Bev Krietlow said the upcoming free dance on July 12 was being done for "PR reasons" - the club's membership has decreased in recent years, and club leadership would like to reverse that trend. (Photo taken at a 2015 Swisher's Dance Club dance / used with permission of Swisher's Dance Club)

The Pierre-based Swisher’s Dance Club will hold a free dance and club introduction, Friday, July 12, in the Pierre American Legion Cabin. Dancing starts at 7:30 p.m. and goes until 11. Live music will be provided by local eclectic band “Uncle Roy and the Boys.” All capital area residents and visitors are welcome to attend.

If you are looking for a new hobby this summer, or you are looking to make some new friends in the capital area, this may be your chance, club secretary Bev Krietlow said. The Swisher’s Dance Club, which has been active in the capital area since 1982, is looking for new members - especially younger people. They hope to use the July 12 dance for recruitment.

“We’re doing it for public relations reasons; we’d like to increase our membership and have more people aware of our club,” Krietlow said. She added that in the last few years, “our membership has decreased significantly.”

Besides the coming July 12 dance, the Swisher’s Club holds regular dances every second Friday of the month in the Legion Cabin, as well as intermittent free lessons for beginner dancers or those unaccustomed to the dance styles the club gravitates toward.

“It’s ballroom-type dancing,” Krietlow said. “It’s waltzes, foxtrots, jitterbugs and line dance.”

While Krietlow said the club would like to attract some younger blood with their upcoming dance, senior citizens are also welcome and encouraged to attend. Dancing can help improve seniors’ lower body strength and coordination, a 2009 study in the Journal of Aging and Health found. A 2017 study conducted by the seniors’ health organization Elder Care Alliance also found that regular out-of-the-house socialization can help seniors maintain their cognitive functions, slow the effects of aging and increase longevity.

“It’s aerobic exercise, if they get into the jitterbugs, or even the line dances,” Krietlow said.

The regular monthly dances also feature live music provided by a number of local bands. To help pay these bands and fund other club activities, Krietlow said each dance session costs $10 at the door. Alternatively, those who want to commit to a year of dancing with the club can pay a $50 annual fee and not worry about the door charge.

“”It’s $10 at the door, except this [July 12 dance] is a free one,” Krietlow said. “Young people don’t like to commit, so it’s open to them in that form.”

For more information about the July 12 introductory dance or about the club in general, call Bev Krietlow at (605) 224-8539.

“It’s all casual,” Krietlow said. “No need to dress up.”


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