The T.F. Riggs FBLA chapter is proud to say they placed 4th overall for their performance in all their events at the FBLA Spring conference in Sioux Falls this week.

Congratulations go out to the following FBLA members for receiving these awards:

Conlan Rendell—2nd in Advertising, 2nd in Economics, 4th in Introduction to Business, and 4th in Intro to Financial Math

Alejandro Ramirez—3rd in Advertising and 5th in Networking Concepts

Jordan Thompson—1st in Business Communication, 2nd in Business Calculations, and 2nd in Healthcare Administration

Carly Bowman—4th in Business Calculations and 4ht in Political Science

Ellie Jo Simpson—4th in Intro to Business Communication and 3rd in Intro to Financial Math

Mattie Jones—2nd in Journalism and 3rd in Organizational Leadership

Nevaeh Starr—3rd in Journalism

Carlee Natvig—4th in Intro to FBLA

Also placing in the following team events were:

Catie and Carlee Natvig—1st in E-Business and 2nd in Publication Design

Rose Gunderson and Rylee Youngberg—5th in Broadcast Journalism

Mattie Jones, Jordan Thompson and Carly Bowman—2nd in Global Business

Sabrina Kintz, Annabelle Simpson and Emily Haberling—3rd in Global Business

Hattie Shaffer and Hunter Martell—4th in Global Business and 4th in Management Information Systems

Phil Adam, Andrew Axdahl and Sabrina Kintz—3rd in Management Information Systems

Named Outstanding Members for this year were Mattie Jones and Nevaeh Starr.

Elected to serve as the SD FBLA South Vice President was Catie Natvig.

Qualifying to go to national competition in San Antonio, TX this summer are Conlan Rendell, Alejandro Ramirez, Jordan Thompson, Carly Bowman, Carlee Natvig, Catie Natvig, Mattie Jones, Sabrina Kintz, Annabelle Simpson, Emily Haberling, Hattie Shaffer, Hunter Martell, Phil Adam, Andrew Axdahl, Ellie Jo Simpson, and Nevaeh Starr.


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