right turn

From left are Nancy Schlichenmayer, early childhood specialist at The Right Turn, presenting a $50 winner’s pot to Tammy Neale and Neale’s husband.

The Right Turn, Pierre, has been holding 50/50 raffles during Trapper baseball home games in Pierre.

The drawings are done, and winners announced, at the bottom of the 8th inning at most Trappers home games. The winning ticket holder, who must be present to win, receives $50 and a chance to draw a card from a deck of cards. If the ticket holder draws the Ace of Hearts, they win 50 percent of the total proceeds from the programs beginning. The other 50 percent goes to The Right Turn.

The first drawing was June 14, and the program will go through the last Trappers home game. The drawn card, if not the Ace of Hearts, is not put back into the deck, though once the Ace of Hearts is drawn the deck is replenished back to its original 52 cards.

The Right Turn, a United Way participating agency, is a non-profit organization which supports education across the lifespan. Directed by Mary Gates, its mission is “strengthening our communities by nurturing personal growth and promoting economic success through education and job training.”

“On July 4, Tammy Neale was our first winner, and she won $530,” said Nancy Schlichenmayer, early childhood specialist at The Right Turn. “Our Facebook site shows many of the weekly winners as they received $50, if they didn’t draw the Ace of Hearts. It has been a great family activity. We appreciate the opportunity to partner with the Pierre Trappers and their family members. Coincidentally, Tammy is the mother of one of the Trappers coaches.”

Tickets for the drawing can be purchased at The Right Turn or during the Trappers home games.

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