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At Hawk’s initial appearance in a federal court hearing on April 16, he said he plead not guilty to all three sexual abuse charges that he faces.

UPDATE: This story has been amended to correct an inaccuracy in the classification of the crimes which Mr. Hawk Sr. stands accused. Updated 5:15 p.m., June 11. 

UPDATE:The names of the alleged victims have been removed. Updated 6:02 p.m., June 13. 

The trial of Roland Hawk Sr., formerly the treasurer for the Crow Creek Tribal Council and alleged perpetrator of several counts of sexual abuse, has been postponed for two months.

Hawk was first indicted on two counts of aggravated sexual abuse and one count of abusive sexual contact without permission in an April 16 hearing before U.S. Magistrate Judge Mark Moreno. At that time, Moreno said Hawk’s jury trial would take place “probably in late June.” According to court documents filed on April 22, Hawk’s trial was specifically set for Tuesday, June 18, before U.S. District Judge Roberto A. Lange.

After a request for continuance filed to the court on May 15 by Hawk and his retained defense attorney, Clint Sargent, that trial date was pushed back to Tuesday, August 20. Court documents signed by Sargent said that “additional time is needed by the defense to conduct its own investigation.”

Sargent did not return calls for comment on the matter. The court granted the request for continuance on May 30. Lange will still be the presiding judge at Hawk’s August 20 trial.

Hawk, in the meantime, has been released into the custody of his mother, Roselle Lockwood, who lives in Fort Thompson. Part of his release agreement stipulates that he is not to contact or enter within 100 feet of the alleged victims in the case. He is also required to submit to location monitoring and to maintain some form of employment.

At the time of Hawk’s initial indictment, Crow Creek Council Chairman Lester D. Thompson Jr. sent out a statement that said the council would continue to employ Hawk in his position of treasurer as he awaits trial, albeit in a limited capacity. They placed Hawk on “a leave of absence,” during which he would be allowed to continue performing most of his duties as treasurer, but would not be allowed to sign or issue checks.

By press time, the Council did not return calls meant to confirm if this was still the case.

Each of the counts Hawk is indicted in is a federal Level 4 Offense. If found guilty, he could possibly be imprisoned. Hawk pleaded not guilty to each of the counts against him at his April 16 hearing.

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