Wagner High School's JAG program visited by governor

Wagner High School students discussed their Jobs for America’s Graduates program with Governor Kristi Noem, Oct. 1. (photo by Ryan Sheldon with Noem’s office)

Students and teachers in the Jobs for America’s Graduates program within Wagner High School discussed the program with Governor Kristi Noem on Oct. 1.

Noem said that her visit was “inspiring.”

The program was started in 2008. This year, the participating students shared several personal stories on how JAG has changed their lives and shaped their futures. Some students said that the program got them away from hardships and negative influences. Four students from the Wagner JAG program have received national scholarships.

Noem said she wants to look further into this and similar programs that have positive influences in the lives of the next generation.

“The students in the Wagner JAG program are incredibly inspiring. These students have incredible testimonies of how the program has changed their lives. I also heard stories of students that have graduated from JAG and gone on to do incredible things, like serving our country in the military.”

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