Each year, Oct, 30, is recognized as Weatherization Day. This day highlights that low-income households spend a disproportionate percentage of their annual incomes on home energy bills.

GROW South Dakota provides free, grant-funded weatherization services, including energy efficient home improvements such as insulation, air sealing and replacement of inefficient appliances. Eligibility determination is based on an application, income qualification, and homeowner approval. For more information on the GROW SD Weatherization Program please go to www.growsd.org or call (605) 698-7654. Applications are accepted all year long.

Weatherization provides cost-effective, permanent solutions for reducing the heavy energy burden these families endure. The U.S. Department of Energy has supported weatherization of more than seven million homes across the nation since 1976.

Weatherization programs focus on upgrades to mechanical and electrical systems, health and safety measures, and building shell issues. These services not only save energy through advanced technologies to improve energy affordability for low-income families, but they also save lives and improve the health and safety of families by identifying carbon monoxide hazards, poor indoor air quality, mold and other health threats.

GROW South Dakota has weatherized more than 7,500 homes in the state for a total of over $25 million. In the last year, GROW SD made energy efficient upgrades to 150 homes.

Across the country, low-income households spend an average of 16.3% of their income on energy costs, compared to 3.5% for other households. A GROW SD housing survey conducted with previous clients found that 68 percent noticed a decrease in energy consumption. Homeowners receiving home improvement services typically saw their annual energy bills reduced by approximately $437.

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