Hand-made Crown Royal facemask funds to charities

Marlene Werner displays a peach version of her hand-made Crown Royal facemasks. The also come in green-apple and the all-time favorite color of the well-known purple. All of the funds raised go to charity.

With many people still looking to mask up to slow the spread of COVID-19, Pierre resident Marlene Werner has been crafting facemasks with bags originally used for Crown Royal whiskey.

After starting on Dec. 1, she said she has already donated nearly $1,000 to be shared equally by the Missouri Shore Domestic Violence Center and Countryside Hospice.

“They come in peach and green-apple colors, and the all-time favorite in purple,” Werner said of the facemasks.

The unique and conversation-starting facemasks are being sold by Linda Tibbs of Tibbs Leather Works in Pierre at 352 S. Pierre Street.

Using a slide on each side, the masks are adjustable “to tiny and to the far other side from tiny,” Werner said. Once adjusted, any extra length in the side bands can be cut off. They are also washable — by hand and then drip-dried. The masks are for personal use and are not considered medical grade.

“It’s a really fun and fulfilling project. I feel good about it. We all need something to do during this pandemic, and I am sure the donations are welcome,” Werner said.

The largest supplier of the main material, the Crown Royal bags, is Doug Day of Capital Liquor in Pierre.

“All other materials have been donated by me. The backing is 100% cotton,” Werner added.

All of all earnings go to the two charities.

“They get every penny. I truly believe in both charities,” said Werner, who is a volunteer at the hospice. She also has volunteered enough, and passed regulations, so that she has earned a pink card so she does not have to have a guard with her when she volunteers at the Women’s Prison.

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