Winter is coming and the Ol’ Man is early. It doesn’t matter where the information comes from, website search engines, the Weather Channel, cell phone weather apps or local news; snow could already be here.

With the news of winter’s early arrival, some folks in Pierre might not be ready for the big show.

Local retail stores have seen an influx of people looking to get cold weather gear, and maybe some extra groceries before today’s predicted six-15 inches of snow gets here.

“We’re getting ready,” Laura Prunty said while buying a new winter coat for her daughter. “Earlier than we’d wish.”

Prunty is originally from Minnesota, so while used to the wintery conditions South Dakota provides, she noted the late spring storms of snow and now the early snow in winter is a little surprising.

With her three children in tow, Sierra, Hudson and Cole, she looked to get a new coat for Sierra because she has outgrown her old one, while Hudson and Cole practiced high-fives and soft tackles.

“Just being prepared for any condition,” Prunty said. “Weather is not too bad when you are prepared for it.”

Craig Tesner, 27, originally from South Africa, living in Pierre now six years said he is ready.

“Yep,” Tesner said. “Always.”

Tesner is engaged and will be getting married in February, but now is looking to just get a couple of items before the new storm.

Someone not quite ready, unfortunately, Ryan Wagner, 32, from Miller, is a corn and soybean farmer.

Asked if ready, “No,” Wagner said. “I farm and we still have a lot of crops in the field.” Wagner explained the corn, with its height could be okay, but the soybeans with their shorter stature will get soft, squishy and unusable.

With the winter storm warning all over the region, people are getting ready to hunker down, or get out of town before it hits.

The scuttlebutt, if you have to travel, do it slowly and safely. Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast. Take a lesson from the Boy Scout’s motto, “Always be prepared.” When that doesn’t work, Marines will tell you, “adapt and overcome.” But do it safely, please.

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