13-year-old hunter bags somewhat rare prize

Hank Asher, 13-year-old son of Cody and Emily, Pierre, bagged his first beaver Nov. 2, the first day of this year’s season. An estimate of the animal’s weight is over 50 pounds. it took both of Hank and Cody to haul it home.

“It was harvested a couple hundred yards from our house on the banks of Okobojo creek near Lake Oahe,” said Cody.

“We are getting the pelt tanned for display in his room, he says …,” laughed Cody.

“The kid is so proud of this beaver. He actually scouted this thing out, then waited for the season to open. Great care was taken as to when and where to shoot it so it could be retrieved and not sink to the bottom.”

Seventh-grader Hank has a hunting story, and history, to tell his classmates at Georgia Morris Middle School. “It was also a good lesson to explain how the first white settlers were in this area to harvest beaver, and the value that pelts brought in the early 1700s before our nation was even formed. The beaver is why the first explorers came this way and settled forts up and down the river. The hardships these trappers endured for the beaver pelts attest to this value,” said Cody.

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