South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks is celebrating its 100-year anniversary with a nod to how much the world has changed in the past century. The agency has designed, at 29 parks and recreation areas, scavenger hunt contests that require a selfie be taken at five different stations along the trail in order to win prizes such as kayaks or camping and hiking gear.

Two such contests are in our area: one on Laframboise Island, another at Oahe Downstream. The places to take selfies at are as follows:

Laframboise Island

Prize Package: One 3 month YMCA Membership, one 1-year Discovery Center Family Membership, $50 gift card to East Pierre Landscape

1. From a corner at the entrance, but past the causeway a rectangle with an island name. Don't go deep, but look slightly up...

2. From the point of hydration for both dogs and children, twist around twice and look north. It's home to the best seasonal bug catcher South Dakota has!

3. Follow the shore, 2 tracks down the current flow. Twist left on the 2nd opening to the living forest, look up and look forward. Pace yourself 200 yards (plus or minus) looking for a place to rest.

4. Follow the shore on the trail, watch for the last opening and go left. With Ft. Pierre to your back, keep it steady you're halfway. Keep your map handy and stay straight going right when ready. With several options to find where the wind made water and spun in a circle. With 4 legs, look up and see history and a future for energy!

5. On the trail back, you stay to the north and go north. When the trail lines with the shore at its narrowest point, look across the water and take a picture with you and the tallest structure in Pierre; 161ft to be exact.

Oahe Downstream

Hiking Prize Package: backpack, water bottle, walking stick, binoculars and 1 Eagle book

1. At the entrance to the park, you may find some kings. On a flower or flying through the air on their wings.

2. To find this location, you will have to go. To the start of an Alley-bring a disc you can throw.

3. When you travel here, you may hear a shot Hunters take aim and use brass at this spot.

4. At this busy place, you will get your wish. We guarantee here you'll always find a fish.

5. If looking for help, this site you should see-the home of some helpers in Campground #3.


  • To enter: Visitors will take a selfie with each of the 5 markers in that park. Submit your selfie photos to https://gfp.sd.gov/100-years/ along with your name and email.
  • Selfies must be submitted on or before July 31, 2019.
  • One entry per person per park.
  • If a family of four takes a selfie together, the submitting email will be put in the drawing four times for the prize package.
  • The scavenger hunt is open to all ages.
  • Winners will be notified via email, from parkinfo@state.sd.us approximately August 10.
  • Winners have until August 23 to acknowledge their win. After that time a new winner will be drawn.
  • The scavenger hunt is sponsored by the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks.
  • By submitting your photo, you are giving the SDGFP the right to use the photo(s) on their social platforms, publications and other areas both print and electronic.

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