On February 13, 2019 the Capital Journal published an opinion piece written by journalist Donald Lambro which was nothing more than the ongoing bloviating of the liberal left since Donald Trump became President. Don’t get me wrong, I believe both sides (GOP and DEMS) are guilty of trying to side track anything our President tries to do. In his article, Mr. Lambro pointed out that during President Trump’s State of the Union Address, several inconsistencies were apparent by the so-called ‘fact-checkers.’ I don’t know of any Politician who has not used hyperbole when trying to urge their hearers to side with them on a particular issue. Did the President exaggerate some of the numbers he presented in his address? No doubt he did. Where were the ‘fact-checkers’ during President Obama’s SOTU’s? They stood silent, because he was aligned with their political beliefs and goals. But now, because President Trump is not of the ‘elite’ DC class, they pour every word he says trying to find something they can accuse him of.

Mr. Lambro stands on the fact-checking of Glenn Kessler of the Washington Post, like we are supposed to accept without question that he is bi-partisan in his reporting and fact-checking (which he is most certainly not). His bias against the President is shown in the articles he writes for the Post, giving Mr. Trump 4 Pinocchio’s for human trafficking claims as if to say he is an outright liar, which is nothing further from the truth. Again, EVERY politician uses hyperbole, I don’t care who they are. Is there a human trafficking problem? Absolutely! Does it matter if President Trump pads the numbers a little to cause people to listen to his pleas to help stop this horrible treatment of our fellow man? While I would like ALL politicians to be more accurate with their numbers, some exaggeration is warranted. Whether it is drugs, criminals, or trafficking, we have a problem that one Politician is trying to fix once and for all. But of course, the left does not want it fixed, because it’s just another of the many issues they can use come election time to get our vote.

President Trump tried to get the Democrats to work with him concerning the border, but instead they went to Puerto Rico and even refused to meet with him. Doesn’t sound like bi-partisanship to me. True bi-partisanship is give a little, take a little, but the Dems idea is it’s our way or the highway. While President Trump said he would own the shutdown – it should have been called the “Paul Ryan Shutdown,” since he is the one responsible for stonewalling the President at every turn. Yes, there is plenty of blame to go around in both camps. Border security is an important problem because that is the number one duty of the Federal Government, not health care, or food stamps, or any other hand-out program the parties can sell to get votes. Just read the preamble of the Constitution and you will find the reason the States formed the Federal Government “...to provide for the common defense...” We have a crisis at the border that needs our attention, and President Trump is the first politician to take his Constitutional duty seriously. Every member of congress who does not, stands in violation of their oath of office and should step down, because they do not ‘represent’ those who voted for them.

Polls are a joke. To say ‘most’ Americans don’t like President Trump’s tactics is an outright lie. Only those 1,200 or so who were polled may feel that way, but that is not a true representation of all citizens. He says Mr. Trump uses a bullying style, well how about the Democrats? Mr. Lambro seems to be one sided when it comes to ‘name calling.’ It’s ok for the Democrats, but it’s not ok for Mr. Trump to defend himself? When are we going to come together as a nation, and be honest with the facts? When are journalists going to return to true journalism, writing unbiased articles and allowing the people to research it and come to their own conclusions? When journalists like Mr. Lambro start reporting the news in an unbiased way, and treat everyone the same, no matter what party they are, then, maybe, I will start listening to them, but this article was like all others we have read and heard over the past two years – biased to the core.

Michael Demory

Pierre, SD

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