Have you ever been flummoxed? Flabbergasted? Or just plain amazed by someone or by something that you did not expect to do or happen?

We all have – even by ourselves. I used to have a terrible fear of heights until the moment when I finally lifted my foot off the highdiving board at a swimming pool and plunged into the water. I was amazed that I finally did this! I faced my fear, took that leap of faith and willingly embraced the unknown.

In the reading from the Gospel of Luke 7:1-7 we read that Jesus was amazed. Only twice in the New Testament has it been recorded that Jesus was amazed.

The first was his experience in his hometown synagogue in Nazareth. He may have thought that those who knew him would accept what he was called to do. Instead we read that they became enraged and tried to kill him.

The second event was where someone who was considered an “outsider” believed in who Jesus was and what he could do. This person, a Roman centurion, was seeking healing for a beloved servant. He initiated the request and Jesus responded. The servant was healed and Jesus later said, “I tell you, not even in Israel have I found such faith!”

Let this story of faith help to inspire us and feed our faith from thinking, “Can God really do this?!” to believing that yes, God can do the impossible! God works through all people and situations to bring about his Kingdom in our world.

Does this thought seem amazing? Leaving us flummoxed? It can at times, but watch for what God does next.

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