A parable is a short teaching, simple at first hearing, but more challenging the deeper one goes.

Jesus tells of finding a pearl of great price, and being so dedicated to sell all possessions to have it (Matthew 13:46) The first hearing is about a good investment for a later profit.

But the deeper connection is to receive the perfect treasure of union with God.

The One who knows us best loves us most.

One receives three blessings from this best of treasures.

The first: being loved by God, receiving life this day and unto eternal joy, with a dignity no person can steal.

Second: forgiveness of sin, and the grace to be freed from evil.

Third: able to bear fruit in good works.

A blessing which says, “I need You, God, first, last, and always.”

And just as Jesus did, such treasure pours itself out in loving service of people. A true child of God gives to those around. And as one lives longer, there’s more to help.

An elder we have learned from is Mansour Karim, a benefactor in Pierre, who died recently. His life and legacy will be honored at Drifters on Friday afternoon, August 9.

He came to America from Iran as a young man in 1950, earned a degree from South Dakota State University and became an engineer for the state DOT. He married, raised a family, and saw the need. He became one of the most generous donors in our area. In 2011, he was honored as Pierre’s Philanthropist of the Year. By that time, he had already given away more than $1.5 million.

His son Jafar told the Pierre Capital Journal in 2014 that the generous gifts should not be considered surprising “in light of what this country and this community have made possible for him. This community has made it possible for him to be successful in a way that never would have been possible where he grew up in Tehran, Iran.’’

He received the treasure, through his Muslim faith, worked with Christian neighbors, and gave back to the people he loved.

If you want to see his smile one more time: search Youtube for “Mansour Karim — Pierre Acts of Excellence

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