We’ve worked hard to make local news and information the focus of our reporting at the Capital Journal. Now we’re about to add another level by including The Governor, the T.F. Riggs High School newspaper created by their student team, in the print edition of the Capital Journal each time they produce an edition.

We’ve only printed their newspaper for them in the past, but it seemed like the logical next step to show off their work in a much more significant way.

Thanks to Elizabeth Anderson and Melinda Frank, the co-advisors working with the newspaper team at Riggs, and the leadership team at the high school for making this happen.

At some point soon, Managing Editor Jorge Encinas and our reporters will also talk to the high school newspaper team about their experiences as real-world journalists working every day to create relevant content for a daily newspaper and website.

Look for The Governor inserted in Saturday’s Capital Journal. I hope you enjoy it!

Jeffrey Hartley | 605-224-7301

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