Making flood control the priority on the Missouri River has become every politician’s message lately. This is an amazing development considering how severely the Corps of Engineers curtailed mainstem dam releases this spring to reduce flooding that came mostly from below the dams.

For anyone to make the March flooding about the Corps’ management of the mainstem dams is inaccurate at best. Yet two Missourians, Gov. Mike Parsons and Rep. Sam Graves are doing just that. Gov. Parsons has explicitly called for more storage space behind the dams. Read: lower pools. Stored water has a lot of value to a lot of people. I haven’t seen Gov. Parsons offering anything in return for the values lost with lower pools, such as less support for navigation. That takes some gall, especially if Gov. Parsons and others on the lower river refuse to look within their own states for flood-control solutions.

Michael Melius


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