Dear Readers,

Gov. Kristi Noem — mini-potus (President Of The United States) by her behavior — has declared that there will be a large gathering of 7,500 people that will NOT be social distancing and that face masks are not mandatory because she believes “to focus on personal responsibility…”

So, with her attitude on personal responsibility, why was the SD State Fair canceled? Noem — mini-potus — is doing nothing to stop the Sturgis Rally. Numerous other events through the state — county fairs, art fairs, music festivals, etc... — have been canceled for the safety of the citizens. So, maybe all of these entities need to go back and re-schedule their events, because Gov. Noem — mini-potus — believes in personal responsibility and not social responsibility?

Look at Florida, Georgia, Nevada, California, and Texas, who have the greatest COVID-19 increases. Look at the USA numbers. Compare the numbers of USA and Europe; we are way above them. Hundreds of thousands more USA citizens are going to die because we are selfish. The real question is, do that many have to die or are they being exposed because of selfishness?

We live with speed limits. We live with “no shoes, no shirt, not service.” We live with seat belts. We live with car seats for the defenseless children. Can you tell me, where it says that you have the right to ignore wearing a mask? If you quote, “life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness” how does that apply to wearing a mask or keeping social distance from others?

Noem — mini-potus — is a political animal. I believe in Social Responsibility. If you can do something good for the society, you should do it. If you do something that is bad for society, you should not do it.

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