It’s South Dakota’s profitable civic duty to assure that our state’s ethanol market share is 30 percent by 2023 and 50 percent by 2028.

History reminds us that since E85 pumps were introduced, thousands of pioneering SD standard auto owners and others have traveled millions of trouble free miles while splash-blending half E85(E30-50). They consistently report “more power,” “can’t tell a mileage difference.”

The critics’ irrational hair-on-fire, “you can’t do that” act like Nazis. A horrific purity test would be: “Only factory designated flex-fuel auto owners are privileged to use much safer half E85 (E30-50)”.

Standard auto owners are condemned to use the most fatally poisonous and illegal fuels on the market or blends less than E30.

Yet there’s no credible scientific evidence that factory undesignated flex-fuel vehicles using half E85(E30-50) do not also satisfy the Clean Air Act’s requirement to maximize reduction of fatally toxic emissions identical to those found in cigarette smoke. Ethanol does not contain or produce them.

That said, SD legislators can, in this session, as in 1984, again legislate South Dakota’s best business plan ever; or tax imported petroleum one cent per gallon at the pipeline dedicated to grow a successful SD ethanol industry.

The new 2020 funds will be directed as the original pipeline tax law intended. Except most importantly, substantial pipeline tax dollars must also advertise, informing all auto owners that half E85(E30-50) is their safest, most cost efficient, more power, cleaner engines’ lower maintenance costs, legal purchase saving them $4-20 per tank fill, and ‘comparing much safer half E85(E30-50’s) 94-98 octane premium to clean air act’s defined illegal ethanol free 91 octane premium.’

SD demonstrating it can legally increase ethanol market share to 50 percent will lead to triple corn grind nationally and slash children’s medical tragedies costing billions and add billions to rural economies.

Orrie Swayze, Wilmot, SD


I wanted to take a moment and send a Thank You to the First United Methodist Church. What a beautiful venue for the Patriotic concert last Sunday.

I also want to thank Ron Smith, Jeff Speaect, Priscilla Hofer, Sunny Hall, Elaine Scott and all of those that helped make this opportunity possible. The amount of time that it took to prepare not only the music but also the refreshments was priceless!

The Quilts of Valor were absolutely amazing, as were the VFW Charles E. Thorne Post 2038 Auxiliary Color Bearers and I would be remiss not to say how much I thank our members of the U.S. armed forces. They truly deserve the glory and honor and remembrance on this, the birthday of America.

What an incredible it was to be a part of this amazing concert! Thank you all those who came and those who donated to the Church of Hope! Our concert was able to raise more than $1,200.

Our hope is that everyone enjoyed and took away our love of this great country.

For those not able to attend, or those who would like to watch again, a link — https://vcloudenlueframetech.com/broadcast/embed/127603?slug=in-concert-for-america&autoplay=1 (recorded by Feigum Funeral Home) is available.

A special thanks to Wendy Speaect for recording the concert.

Lori Hall, Pierre


In the July 10th edition of this paper in a story about animals within city limits, the Pierre animal control officer stated that he picks up snapping turtles by the tail to move them.

That’s not the correct way and can cause serious injury to the animal. I’m alarmed and disappointed that a professional animal control person does this.

Picking up snappers is done by approaching the animal from behind, and grabbing the back of the shell with one hand on either side. Lift slowly to make sure your grip is firm, as the shell may be slimey. And, carry it low to the ground in case you do drop it. Keep the head away from your body. Place it in a safe location in the direction it was headed when you found it. When you release it, step away quickly and leave the animal alone.

Art Smith, Pierre

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