I commend the SD Board of Economic Development’s recent decision to deny French-owned Engie’s request to transfer millions of hard-earned South Dakota taxpayer funds to their foreign coffers in order to subsidize the erroneous, inefficient and obnoxiously invasive wind energy industry.

Big Wind technology is nothing new, and despite reaping billions of federal tax subsidies it has failed to prove its sustainability as a long term contributor to the energy grid.

South Dakota taxpayer dollars would be best served maintaining and improving hydroelectric dams as well as investing in new development of the ever present clean, natural gas to operate energy plants. Hydro and Gas represent the true definition of green, long term sustainable energy.

Per a recent letter from Governor Noem’s office, the state’s objective is to advance agriculture long term “to ensure the ag economy is ready to support the next generation of farmers and ranchers”, including “protecting property rights”.

If this is to come to fruition, representatives from all government levels (including the PUC) must continue to educate themselves on the negative effects industrial wind plants create before rubber stamping every project. Rural communities are facing continued tough times. Electric rate hikes and health, safety and welfare repercussions as a result of inadequate setbacks between family farm operations and 600’ steel towers shouldn’t be part of the equation. Weather dependent wind energy isn’t the answer.

Michael J Bollweg, Harrold

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