Sen: John Thune, Sen. Mike. Rounds, Congressman Dusty Johnson, Governor Kristi Noem, greetings: My name is Lynn Hart a proud member of the Yankton Sioux Tribe in South Dakota and a honorably discharged United States Marine.

It’s with sadness in my heart that I write this letter, I find it difficult to believe that you don’t represent all of the people of South Dakota. Because if you honestly did, you wouldn’t endorse the racist actions of President Donald J. Trump who in my eyes and ears proves to me that he is a racist president and should be strongly denounced by all South Dakota GOP leaders unless you feel the same way?

Please be on the right side of history, we will all be judged by our higher power and are responsible for our own actions/and or inactions in our lives.

I hope that you will see it from the feeling of the citizens of brown skin that live in South Dakota.

Are we the home of “Great Places and Friendly Faces” or the state that follows a racist President of hate towards people of brown skinned in America?

Can you be a strong leader and speak out against racism and tell President Donald J Trump that he needs to stop his racist actions. Yes or No?

I’m waiting...respectfully.

Lynn Hart, Flandreau

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