The only topic I should really talk about this week is Thankfulness. Isn’t it cool we have a national holiday just to give thanks to God for our very existence!

Yet a day before this week began, I wasn’t thankful at all. I was mad. I planned on visiting a friend Saturday morning and came outside to a bunch of snow that had drifted around the car I was going to drive. I had to shovel it out.

Then, I couldn’t find the pitchforks to throw hay to the horses. They were buried in the snow. I cried and gritted my teeth and felt like hitting something. Not because of not finding the pitchforks, but because of how much darn snow we got so early in the season and what it means: a lot of inconvenience and getting stuck and trying to figure out how to get our driveway and road shoveled so we can get out.

I walked into the house with snow-covered jeans and tears covering my face. I was so darn mad.

My kids looked at me with great concern. I told them not to worry. I told them Mom was just throwing a temper tantrum and I’d be myself in a few minutes.

I know the white stuff is beautiful. I know Christmas seems more Christmas-y when the ground is white and big flakes fall from the sky, but I sure don’t want any of it around now.

As I type this Monday morning, I hear chunks of snow fall off the roof. The sun is melting it all away. And I am so thankful.

Wednesday four of my children will head east with me to my parents’ home in northwest Illinois. We don’t do much while we’re there. We just hang out. But it’s a time I look forward to all year long.

Who are you spending Thanksgiving with this year?

Whoever it is: family or friends, maybe even people you don’t know yet, go with the intent of making them feel loved and appreciated. Realize this could be your last time with them so make it count. Don’t leave things unsaid that you want to say. Don’t leave things unresolved that need to be resolved. Let little things slide. Don’t get offended no matter what. There’s no time for that. Enjoy each other. Don’t be self-conscious. Go without an agenda. Let life happen. Don’t expect. Just give.

I read something this morning that might not seem to apply but it does.

Saint Luke writes, “that which is highly esteemed among men is detestable in the sight of God.”

I had to ask myself if anything I was dreaming about or even seeking could be considered something that would be highly esteemed by people but not God. Even good things if done for the wrong reasons could fall into the detestable category. We can fool ourselves. We can’t fool God.

What’s this have to do with Thanksgiving?

If your plans are about you and not about others, reconsider.

If how you celebrate appeals to the baser part of you, reconsider.

If this day that was sanctioned for thanking God has no gratefulness in it at all for you,  something isn’t right.

If you have any feelings of dread or bitterness when thinking about Thanksgiving, go to God. He has a solution.

And be safe. Please don’t drive drunk (or high or when overly tired or while texting). People are too precious to be destroyed because of stupidity.

Happy Thanksgiving. God bless you and yours.

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