I  f you had no idea what month it was, you could still tell winter is on its way by fly behavior. Three of them are swarming around my coffee cup but they don’t bother me much. Time for them is ticking away very quickly.

Sunflowers have turned a pale lemon-yellow color. Soon the fields will be bare.

Hot chocolate, marshmallows, hot apple cider. Hayrides, bonfires, thick sweaters. Winter boots, pumpkin pie, apple strudel.

As a child, my mother used to take us to an apple orchard to purchase apples. I still remember the apple smell in the building where Mom paid for the apples. I’d breathe in that scent expanding my lungs as big as I could. I still love that smell.

My garden overall didn’t do well this year. Just a few tomatoes ripened. I harvested several squash that were too hard to cut into.

Yet my hollyhocks went crazy with blooms. Very thankful for these and a lavender plant that gets bigger each year.

No regrets. No surrender.

Who said that?

That’s what comes to mind as I write this. I don’t regret the seeds I planted that didn’t bear fruit. And I refuse to give up on gardening even though it wasn’t a great year.

Do you have regrets? Have you given up? Are you settling for a routine that has no joy?

Don’t do that!

You’re worth more than that!

OK, total subject change (must be hormones):

I intend to do all I can to make sure my family stays healthy this winter.

What about you?

Sorry about this, but I feel Ma Jane needs to speak here:

Are you taking acidophilus (probiotics), zinc, Vitamin D?

What about making sure you and yours eat fruits and vegetables daily?

Fresh produce can get quite spendy. So, check out the frozen section.

And canned tomato products actually have an added benefit over fresh tomatoes: the lycopene in the cooked tomatoes is more easily digested by our bodies.

A quality multi-vitamin would be good too, along with hot soup, stocking caps, dry socks, layers, eating bright colored food (dyed food doesn’t count) and quality protein.

Don’t forget drinking water and liquids without caffeine or alcohol to keep your body hydrated in the cold months. You can still drink your coffee. It just doesn’t count toward your body’s liquid needs.

The supplements I mentioned above are all found in chewable forms. I get mine from http://Swansonvitamins.com. I am not affiliated with them whatsoever. I just share that because they’ve been very good to me (plus, they have a vitamin program where they give supplements to children in needy areas of the globe).

And before winter hits, plan a special event for each month to do with those you love. It doesn’t need to cost money. It’s amazing to me the things my children talk about, the memories they cherish.

For those in my area, I invite you to attend a hayride in Blunt Saturday at 4:30 p.m. There will be a puppet show for the kids prior to the hayride. After the hayride, there will be lots of food. It takes place at the church on Highway 14.

If you’re not in my area, plan something like this in your community. Technology isolates us more than we realize. Text messages and emails are not the same as face-to-face conversations. We have physical bodies that need to mingle with others. If we didn’t need to be around each other  physically, God wouldn’t have given us bodies. Thanks for reading.

Please check out Jane’s blog on her website http://JaneHinrichs.weebly.com.


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