We have dogs and cats, horses, chickens and one mule who squeals at the train whistle every morning.

You’d think I’d be content with our pets. Yet, that’s not the case.

About three years ago I wanted to get an iguana. Hawken and I were reading Henry Winkler’s Hank Zipzer series. Hank’s little sister has a pet Iguana named Katherine. So, we studied iguanas for an entire semester for science. I even found an iguana named Pie I knew I could give a nice home too.

My husband said no.

So then I wanted a bird. I took an online bird course through a bird sanctuary. I learned a lot about birds, what they eat, how to care for them.

At the end of my course my husband bought me a parrot and told me to be happy with it. It’s two inches long, multi-colored and plastic. It sits in a plant pot.

So, onto the next idea.

Hawks. I love hawks. I love to watch them soar, to fly. Even when they’re just perched on a post they look majestic. I’ve read about the relationship between a hawk and its caretaker, how rewarding it can be for both parties.

And yes, I studied this too. I am almost ready to take the test one needs to take to become a apprentice falconer. Yet, I don’t have the time. It takes years to become a trained falconer.

I want to work with elephants but having one is impossible. So, I’ve never considered that seriously (and if I did that would be a definite no).

Guinea pigs have crossed my mind. Just as quickly a no crossed my husband’s lips.

Recently though, I finally thought of one I thought he’d say yes to: a tarantula.

They’re easy to care for. They don’t eat much. They would be a great science project for my boys.

But again, the answer was no.

Do you see a pattern here?

Well, it was broken a few days ago, early morning before sunrise. I was whistling for my dog to come in the house. He only goes out to bark at invisible monsters and I was pretty sure they were gone. But he wouldn’t come in so I had to whistle a few times.

And I was answered by an owl.

I whistled again.

The owl again answered.

This happened several times.

I was feeling like Nature Jane. I was ready to live among the trees.

I rushed into my bedroom and told Shannon.

An owl is answering me, I said.

Cool, he responded.

He came out and whistled and the owl answered him too! Even a second one that sounded like a tin whistle chimed in.

Then he said, I’ll let you have an owl.

Great. Something I can’t just go buy off the Internet. An owl is part of the falconry system, and it is one of the birds high up on the step system that a person cannot legally take care of until she has years of experience as an apprentice falconer and beyond.

I don’t know why I want an unusual pet. Maybe it’s my love of fantasy fiction and stories of talking animals, living castles, unicorns and faery creatures. It’s good my husband tells me no. If he didn’t we’d probably have 15 kids and 52 animals.

It’s adoption month. Though I can’t adopt anymore, maybe you can. There’s lots of children who need homes (and animals too).

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