Last weekend while in Illinois with my family, my life changed because of two things I learned: first, a 43 year old women can feel like a teenager again in the I-really-feel-awkward-and-I-don’t-fit kind of way.

And second, actual teenagers often possess more wisdom than adults.

Since I’ve spent most of my adult life away from the area we were visiting, I emotionally fall back into patterns that were there the last time I really lived there. Though they don’t feel good, they are what I know when I am in that area. It’s a natural thing (I have never intended to this do).

I was in the middle of our family gathering Thanksgiving Day wondering why in the world I wanted to run away, why I felt so out of place. Family members are always glad to see me. It surely isn’t them.

It was only after I drove away from a salon Friday morning with my son that I understood.

He told me, “Mom, I don’t know how I’ve done it but I’m at peace no matter where I’m at. That’s what you have to do.”   

It must have been the day, timing, God, something clicking maybe, but in that moment those old emotions fell away (it only took almost 30 years).

I don’t think I’m alone in this kind of situation. Many people still have emotional residue from their pasts that needs to be wiped away. Too often we just blame others and run back to where we feel comfortable instead of recognizing what’s going on and dealing with it.

As we enter the Christmas season, we should start anew, get rid of negative emotional residue from the past (which often comes out when we’re with family).

Last year Perfectly Blunt highlighted minor characters from the first Christmas. This year we’ll apply parts of the Christmas story to modern-day life and see what we can see (we’ll at least try).

Let me leave you with something to think about this week: a hard heart.

Hard hearts concern me. They sadden me. In some ways they frighten me because I could easily grow a hard heart toward those who embrace hard-heartedness.

Christmas is about giving, about hope and love, about God coming to this earth in human form to save us all from sin and death and ourselves.

If you have no desire to give to others, if you resent others’ needs, others’ sufferings, cry out to God. Your heart is hard. If you think of others as “drains on society” you are deceived and lost and are probably not happy.

Nothing we have belongs to us.

We are only stewards.

Please remember that.

Do something new this Christmas. Make something someone.

Make someone happy.

Help them remember they’re loved.

Tell Jesus Happy Birthday. Give Him a gift – maybe love someone for Him in a way that person can understand.

Thanks for reading. I appreciate all my readers. You’ve changed my life.

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