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The South Dakota State Fire School was held in Fort Pierre on June 10-12 at the Stanley County School facilities and Fairgrounds, with roughly 340 volunteer firefighters and almost 450 total attendees in town for the weekend.

On behalf of the South Dakota Firefighters Association, I cannot say enough on how much the planning committee truly appreciated the assistance and work by the school staff, Fort Pierre and Pierre Volunteer Fire Departments, and all the local businesses that provided items for fire school.

The use of the school provided ample and comfortable space for meetings, vendors, and classroom training settings. The Fairgrounds property provided an excellent location for several outdoor classes, and, a facility to protect the trucks and equipment indoors when the possibility of severe weather was forecasted.

I would like to include a special Thank You to Fort Pierre VFD member Rick Cronin and Pierre VFD Member Samara Erickson for all of their work and contacts in the planning and setup of State School. If you see Mr. Rick or Ms. Samara, please, thank them for their volunteer work.

On behalf of the South Dakota Firefighters Association Board of Directors, SD Firefighters Auxiliary, and the firefighters attending State Fire School 2021, Thank You all, for a job well done.

Charlie Kludt, President

South Dakota Firefighters Association

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