I’m proud to announce that as a follow-up to our very successful Best of Preps event held in May, we are excited to announce another event in December.

The event honors another dedicated group of students that, while they shine brilliantly in the work they do in their respective arts, may not see the same limelight or recognition that other groups do.

So I’m proud to announce that we will present the first annual 2021 Fine Arts Awards on December 2 at the Ramkota. Twenty students from Pierre, Fort Pierre, Lyman and Sully high schools will receive an award based on their talent, hard work, cooperation and dedication to their craft. Their teachers and school leaders chose them.

I’ve had the good fortune to read why these students were selected, and I’m amazed at the talent and character of those I’ve read about so far.

Our special guest and guest speaker for this event will be another local boy, Doug Mortenson. Doug is a 1974 graduate from Riggs, an actor, a Screen Actor’s Guild member and a comedian. He’ll share his life and career with the students as an artist, including a few funny anecdotes along the way.

We’ve got a lot of work to do in November to get everything ready and tickets will go on sale in mid-November.

A BIG shoutout goes to the sponsors who have already stepped up — we’re highlighting them in ads online and in print.

I encourage you to join me in thanking them for opening their wallets to make events like this happen. We do need additional sponsors and items for the student gift bags. If you’re interested in participating in one of these two ways, please email me at jeffrey.hartley@capjournal.com.

I’ll keep you updated as the event draws closer. Thank you for supporting events like these that showcase the students’ talent, dedication and values in our community.

Jeffrey Hartley | 605-224-7301

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