Steve Harding

Pierre Mayor Steve Harding

There are changes coming at Pierre’s Solid Waste Facility.

That’s the place on East Park Street where you can drop off your recyclable products and your yard waste. From there, the City disposes of those materials in one way or another. Some go to the recycling market, some are burned, some are turned into compost. Whether someone hauls the plastics to the recycling market in Sioux Falls or a city employee is paid to turn yard waste into compost, there is a very real cost.

The cost of those operations is paid for by a “recycling fee” that shows up every month on City of Pierre residential utility bills. That means, Pierre residents are paying for those services. However, it’s not just Pierre residents who use those services. Anyone can drop their cardboard or tree stumps or grass clippings at the facility.

Here’s where the change comes in.

Beginning Sept. 3, the solid waste facility’s drop off area for yard waste and recyclables will be behind a closed gate, and the recycling bins at the DakotaMart parking lot will be removed.

People who are not Pierre residential utility customers will then need to pay for the service. A credit or debit card will provide 24/7 access. People who want to pay with cash will need to come to the facility during normal operating hours. The per load fee isn’t hefty –just $3.

Residential utility customers can obtain an access card that will allow them to use the recycling and yard waste drop off area at any time. There are no new costs for Pierre residential utility customers.

The Pierre City Commission feels this change is only fair. It will help ensure that people who are using the service are also paying for the service.

If you’d like more information, contact the City of Pierre at 605.773.7407.

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