Bar Flies

Fly tying, a 700 year-old art-form, is the craft of attaching fur, feathers and synthetic materials to a hook. Instructor Buddy Seiner assists Kelly Fettig, Game, Fish and Parks community R3 programs coordinator, as she assembles one of her own.

For one night, fly tying was in the same class as darts and trivia for bar activities in town. Bar Flies at the Fieldhouse took place on Monday evening, where Buddy Seiner led a group through the basics of fly tying.

The free Game, Fish and Parks program shows how to go about creating a fishing lure with fur and feathers. Tyers leaned into their fly-tying kits, following Seiner’s directions to ensure accuracy with their techniques.

Filling the fly box

South Dakota Game Fish and Parks put on the event to teach the basics of fly tying. Participants took their time working towards building their own collection.

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