Spring bobber

Panfish such as crappies and bluegills often require a bit of finesse to detect their inhale-style takes of ice fishing offerings, especially at mid-ice. Utilizing a spring bobber on the end of a favorite ice rod will help detect those subtle bites.

Sometimes it happens so fast that my eyes can barely pick it up. The jump of a spring bobber or that slight lift of the brightly colored drop of glue at the end of the wire indicator, which signals a take from a fish below — usually, a panfish like a perch, crappie or bluegill — is one of the most exciting moments on the ice.

Like the buildup to the big game consisting of two weeks of pregame highlights, interviews and in-depth analysis of the star quarterback’s meal prep, watching a fish rise on the sonar screen and then transitioning my gaze to the end of my rod for the action to commence provides amazing anticipation in the outdoors.

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