When will Governor Noem wake up and smell the coffee. This is not Trumpville. It's South Dakota and it’s clearly time for our governor to step up to the plate and show some leadership. The laissez-faire, common sense approach – “Less COVID, More Hunting” – she’s advocated is simply not the answer; the numbers make that perfectly clear. One-by-one, valuable members of our communities fall victim to the virus with many dying – sadly for no other reason than “common sense” is simply a meaningless term.

No one wants to see a lockdown, but clearly one has been created for anyone at risk, due in large part to the failure of many friends and family to consider, beyond the moment and perhaps beyond themselves, the consequences of their actions or inactions. Accordingly, it may be time for Governor Noem to put her fearless, reckless attitude, and perhaps her Washington aspirations, in her back pocket for a bit and actually provide some meaningful, effective direction to the state that elected her to lead.

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