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Govs head coach Steve Steele speaks to the crowd at a welcome home ceremony for the State Champion Govs football team in 2017.

This week’s Coach Q and A is with Pierre T.F. Riggs Governors head football coach Steve Steele. Weather permitting, the Govs are scheduled to face the Brookings Bobcats at Hollister Field in Pierre at 7 p.m. CT on Friday.

Q: How do you feel about how the team has done so far this year?

A: I am very proud of our team and how we have executed so far this season. It’s been a lot of fun to see our guys embrace the challenge of having a target on their back and having high expectations. They haven’t wavered and have continued to focus on the task at hand each and every day.

Q: What does the team do well that allows them to be as successful as they’ve been?

A: The biggest things our guys do well are prepare and improve. They understand the amount of work that goes into winning a game and take full ownership of the process. Kids are watching film and learning about their opponents, they are working hard in the weight room in the morning, the classroom all day, then on the field after school. They also have a continual desire to keep getting better. No matter what happens each week our guys have done a great job not settling and finding ways to improve. They have truly embraced the process and have the desire to be the best they can be individually and as a team.

Q: What does the team need to improve on?

A: We have plenty of areas to keep improving. We have turned the ball over a few times and taken some bad penalties offensively, and defensively have to continue to communicate our checks and coverages better and more efficiently. Most of the times we have experienced adversity so far this year have been of our own doing. So continuing to develop that internal discipline to do our job as best as we can at all times while continuing to get our bodies into the best shape they can be are what we are focusing on.

Q: How do you feel going into Friday’s game against Brookings?

A: This should be one heck of a game! There aren’t many years where 2 teams get to 6-0 & 6-0 in AA football. So the times that it does make for special games and fun environments. We know the #1 seed in the playoffs is on the line as well as the ESD Championship. Brookings is 6-0 for a reason and is by all means a very good football team. They are big and strong and know how to run the football as well as stop the run. Looking at the weather forecast this could be a great old school football game in some late fall weather. We can definitely feel the excitement in the players and coaching staff for this week being as big of a game as it is. We will need to be sure to harness that excitement and play a disciplined game this Friday to make sure we come out on top.

Q: When you’re not coaching or teaching, what are you doing? What are some of your hobbies?

A: First off, I am very thankful to have such a supportive wife at home who is as bought into coaching as I am. Coaching and teaching keep us pretty busy and is definitely a sacrifice for our family to be as involved as we are with sports all school year. When we get time away from it we spend it together playing with our kids. While Simon loves being at football practice and being around the guys, having quality time with him at home is 2nd to none. So really my main hobby is soaking up as much family time as possible away from sports. I’ve always been a huge Disney fan, of which any of my former students could attest to listening to Disney music in my classroom, but watching them with my kids really does bring me back and make me feel like a kid again. We are all homebodies when we can be so playing card and board games, in the yard, or watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Puppy Dog Pals, or a Disney Movie are the main ways we spend our time away from work.

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