The Central South Dakota Skating Club competed in the Fifth Annual Palace Ice Festival in Mitchell this past weekend.

The Central South Dakota Skating Club took to the road this past weekend for the Fifth Annual Palace Ice Festival in Mitchell. They brought 12 skaters to the competition. All 12 skaters did a Lion King medley group number for which they won second place.

Individually, the CSDSC had several athletes place first in events. Morgan Freidel placed first in Basic 2 Compulsories and Basic 2 Free Ske, while Ella Ferguson placed first in Basic 3 Compulsories and Basic 3 Free Skate. Suttyn Phelps placed first in all three categories that she competed in, while Kylianne Vermundson placed first in Free Skate 3 Compulsories and Free Skate 6 Dramatic Showcase. Ella Oxford placed first in three events. Rae McVey took first in two events, including in the Bronze Partner Moves with Vermundson. Jazzy Fennell placed first in three events, while Trinity Flor placed first in the Preliminary Moves in the Field. Skyler O’Bryan placed first in five events, while Naomi McCarthy placed first in the Pre-Free Skate to Free Skate 6 Dramatic Showcase. Finally, senior Dadra Scott placed first in the Young Adult Character Showcase and Excel Pre-Juvenile Free Skate, while Allison Ondricek placed first in Juvenile Compulsories.

Five skaters from the CSDSC all passed their US Figure Skating tests on Friday afternoon. Those skaters are Jazmine Fennell, Trinity Flor, Skyler O’ Bryan, Rae McVey and Allison Ondricek.

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