Caitlin Ott

Pierre T.F. Riggs eighth grader Caitlin Ott hits a forehand during a match against Aberdeen Roncalli’s Ali Muller at a triangular at the Griffin Park Tennis Courts in Pierre.

The Pierre T.F. Riggs Governors girls tennis team competed in a triangular at the Griffin Park Tennis Courts in Pierre on Tuesday. The other two teams competing were the Rapid City Central Cobblers and Aberdeen Roncalli Cavaliers.

The Govs defeated the Cobblers 7-2 to push their dual record to 2-8. Athletes that won singles matches were freshman Kara Weiss, eighth grader Jocelyn Corrales, senior Rose Gunderson, eighth grader Caitlin Ott and sophomore Gracie Zeeb. The doubles teams of Weiss and freshman Sydney Tedrow, as well as Corrales and Ott also won their matches.

The Govs were able to get most of their matches completed against the Cavaliers before the rain started to fall. They went 1-6 in matches against the Cavaliers. The lone win came when Zeeb defeated Jemini Cantalope 10-8 in a no. 6 singles match.

The Govs will next see action on Saturday when they compete against in the Huron Invitational in Huron. Action for that event is scheduled to start at 10 a.m. CT.

Full Results for Pierre T.F. Riggs Governors girls tennis at Pierre Triangular

Pierre T.F. Riggs defeated Rapid City Central, 7-2

S1: Kara Weiss (P) defeated Harper Keim (RCC), 10-4

S2: Lindsey Pfingston (RCC) defeated Caitlin Ott (P), 8-10

S3: Jocelyn Corrales (P) defeated Kiana Johnson (RCC), 10-1

S4: Rose Gunderson (P) defeated Cordelia Raforth (RCC), 10-3

S5: Caitlin Ott (P) defeated Arianna Doty (RCC), 10-4

S6: Gracie Zeeb (P) defeated Charlize Steele (RCC), 10-0

D1: Harper Keim and Lindsey Pfingston (RCC) defeated Carissa Ott and Rose Gunderson (P), 3-10

D2: Sydney Tedrow and Kara Weiss (P) defeated Kiana Johnson and Cordelia Raforth (RCC), 10-1

D3: Jocelyn Corraled and Caitlin Ott (P) defeated Arianna Doty and Mehrezat Abbas (RCC), 10-2

Aberdeen Roncalli defeated Pierre T.F. Riggs, 6-1

S1: Ellie Litzen (ABR) defeated Kara Weiss (P), 10-1

S2: Hallie Haskell (ABR) defeated Carissa Ott (P), 10-0

S3: Abby Hanson (ABR) defeated Jocelyn Corrales (P), 10-2

S4: Allison Schock (ABR) defeated Rose Gunderson (P), 10-0

S5: Ali Muller (ABR) defeated Caitlin Ott (P), 10-1

S6: Gracie Zeeb (P) defeated Jemini Cantalope (ABR), 10-8

D1: Abby Hanson and Hallie Haskell (ABR) defeated Rose Gunderson and Caitlin Ott (P), 10-0

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