Trappers hype

The Pierre Trappers get hyped up before their home finale against the Badlands Big Sticks on Aug. 5. The Trappers set a Hyde Stadium attendance record of 1,100 fans during that game.

The Pierre Trappers saw the second biggest average fans per game attendance in the Expedition League, according to Expedition League attendance figures.

Hyde Stadium saw 20,313 fans come through the gate for Trappers games, which is the biggest increase for any team in the Expedition League. They saw an average increase of 175 fans per game, which is second to only Western Nebraska, who continued their run atop the attendance ladder. The Trappers had an average of 700 fans per home game, which is fourth in the Expedition League behind Western Nebraska (1,140 fans per home game), Badlands (743 fans per home game) and Casper (739 fans per home game). The Trappers had the highest attendance of any of the three South Dakota teams. The two expansion teams (Fremont Moo and Wheat City Whiskey Jacks) had the worst attendance of the ten Expedition League teams.

The Expedition League is expected to grow by two teams in 2020, with teams being added in the Rapid City and Sioux Falls markets.

Home Fan Attendance in the Expedition League: By the Numbers

1, Western Nebraska (1st in 2018)

33,070 total fans (up 2,174 fans from 2018)

1,140 fans per home game (up 204 fans per home game from 2018)

2, Badlands Big Sticks (4th in 2018)

24,516 total fans (up 4,225 fans from 2018)

743 fans per home game (up 88 fans per home game from 2018)

3, Casper Horseheads (2nd in 2018)

20,687 total fans (down 1,922 fans from 2018)

739 fans per home game (down 41 fans per home game from 2018)

4, Pierre Trappers (7th in 2018)

20,313 total fans (up 4,567 fans from 2018)

700 fans per home game (up 175 fans per home game from 2018)

5, Souris Valley Sabre Dogs (2nd in 2018)

20,890 total fans (down 1,452 fans from 2018)

653 fans per home game (down 68 fans per home game from 2018)

6, Hub City Hotshots (6th in 2018)

15,219 total fans (down 1,676 fans from 2018)

585 fans per home game (up 40 fans per home game from 2018)

7, Hastings Sodbusters (5th in 2018)

17,171 total fans (down 2,685 fans from 2018)

572 fans per home game (down 69 fans per home game from 2018)

8, Spearfish Sasquatch (8th in 2018)

10,632 total fans (up 744 fans from 2018)

380 fans per home game (up 39 fans per home game from 2018)

9, Wheat City Whiskey Jacks

10,581 total fans

365 fans per home game

10, Fremont Moo

7,443 total fans

240 fans per home game

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