Trappers Beef Cup

The Pierre Trappers hold up the Beef Cup after they defeated the Spearfish Sasquatch 9-6 on a Friday night in 2019 at Hyde Stadium in Pierre.

The Pierre Trappers will begin their season this weekend with some road trips to Nebraska.

The Trappers will play the Western Nebraska Pioneers in a three game series in Gering starting on Friday. Friday’s game had not started by press time. The Trappers will also play the Fremont Moo in a two-game series in Fremont starting on Monday. From there, the Trappers will play the Pioneers in another two-game series in Gering starting on Wednesday. The Trappers will finally play a home game in Hyde Stadium against the Hastings Sodbusters starting on Friday. That game will be a part of a three game series at home.

2019 was a tale of two seasons for the Trappers. The first half of the season saw the Trappers go 14-16. They rebounded to go 18-16 in the second half of the season, clinching their second straight. They finished with an overall record of 32-32, which was one loss more than they had in 2018.

The Trappers enter the weekend with a winning record against the Fremont Moo. They went 6-4 against the Moo in 2019, which was the first season for the Moo. The Trappers do not have the same type of luck against the other two teams from Nebraska. They are 2-7 against the Pioneers, and 2-9 against the Sodbusters.

The Trappers are welcoming back a bevy of returning players, including Michael Herrera, Jerson Morales, Niko Piazza and more. They will also have head coach Tanner Neale back for his third season at the helm.

This season will be a tad bit different than in the past. Only six teams will compete this year. Those teams are the Trappers, Pioneers, Moo, Sodbusters, Badlands Big Sticks and Souris Valley Sabre Dogs. There will be no competition for the Beef Cup, since the Sioux Falls Sunfish and the Spearfish Sasquatch are not playing this season. Those two teams, as well as the Casper Horseheads and the Wheat City Whiskey Jacks, will return in 2021.

Before the Trappers left for Nebraska, they made sure to make the day of Addi Van Houten, who is the President of Trappers Nation, the Pierre Trappers fan club. Van Houten's birthday is Sunday. The Trappers will be out of town at that time, so they invited Van Houten to practice so she could hang out with the players before they leave.

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